Priority Service – From £28

Excellent choice for those who want their parcels to be delivered safe before anything else, because this is the essence of our Priority service!

It is a client-based service and therefore the price depends on client's needs.

Our aim here is to find the best ways of transportation for your shipment for the best price available. Saying that, if you would rather have it cheap, we recommend you our Economy Service instead.

We can add Priority Service to any of our existing services: Economy, Express and Removals, making them more versatile too!

To order delivery/ask for a quote, please fill in the form on this page and we will respond shortly.

Alongside our standard parcel delivery, we can also offer other interesting and useful Services all part of our Priority Service:

Personal Pick-up/Delivery in UKfrom £1.50/km
Packing and gift wrapping
Mail orderingIf you need to order something online, but you don't have UK address
we will gladly offer this service for free (until further notice)
as long as the ordered goods can be transported to you using any of our services.
Pallet transportUK and Europe
Order form: