Express Service – £40/ up to 30kg

Our reliable third party Express service is for a single parcel up to 30 kg both in volumetric and actual weight UK-Estonia only and not a gram more than 30kg!

Volumetric weight can be calculated by multiplying all 3 sides of a parcel in centimeters and dividing the answer by 5000.

***For example***

Parcel Weight: 10kg
Parcel measurements: 50cm x 25cm x 30cm
Volumentric weight for that parcel:
(50cm width x 25cm height x 30cm length)/5000= 7.5kg
which is lower than 10kg, so the weight is based on actual weight.
To order this service, please fill in the form on the right (or below if using mobile phone), and pay using your preferred payment method.

We will send you address labels to your email which you then need to attach to your parcel(s) and then be at the address when our partners come and pick your parcel up on your door.

Please note if parcel is bigger than 30kg either volumetric or actual weight, then we will charge you accordingly at third party service rate!

So please be accurate using this service!
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