About Us

me2Norden Express is not just another DHL Estonia or Royal Mail delivery service, we offer a specialised courier service to and from UK at competetive prices, with care and personal touch.

We know how difficult it is to move to another country where no-one speaks your language or understands your culture, where everything is different and usually, whatever you did back at home means nothing here and you’d have to start from a zero again.

We know that, because we have been there.

We also know how lovely it is to hear a friendly voice over the phone or face-to-face or just a plain simple email sent from someone who speaks your language and lives right next to you.

We also know how wonderful it is to receive something from someone you love, and so we make sure our deliveries are on time and the parcels are in safe hands.

And that is what we do in Norden Express – we deliver a touch of home to your life by means of parcels to and from home, helpful advice, should you need it, or just talk in your own lovely language.